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3DRobot Results for hemoglobin

[Click on hemoglobin.tar.bz2 to download the tarball file including the whole decoy set generated by 3DRobot]

  Input Protein Structure Information

Input Structure (Length=153 residues)
*Second structure assaigned by Stride. (H->helix;E->sheet;C->coil)

  3DRobot Structural Decoy Distribution

Total Number of Decoys: 300; EVENNESS score: 0.950; npwRMSD score: 0.982

  Illustrative Examples of 3DRobot Structural Decoys with Different RMSD

(By right-clicking on the images, you can change the configurations, e.g. modifying the background color or stopping the spin of your models)
  • decoy5_28.pdb (1.91Å)
  • decoy13_12.pdb (2.83Å)
  • decoy2_117.pdb (4.30Å)
  • decoy25_90.pdb (5.27Å)
  • decoy27_121.pdb (6.81Å)
  • decoy23_105.pdb (7.92Å)
  • decoy2_150.pdb (9.14Å)
  • decoy44_21.pdb (10.50Å)
  • decoy44_70.pdb (12.06Å)

  • References: Haiyou Deng, Ya Jia and Yang Zhang. Automated Generation of Diverse and Well-packed Protein Structure Decoys, submitted, 2015.

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