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Example output of CR-I-TASSER

[Download result.tar.bz2 for all fitting results]

  Protein Sequence in FASTA format


 Predicted Secondary Structure

 Predicted Solvent Accessibility

  Final Full-length Models in density map

Top 5 models constructed by CR-I-TASSER

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CC Cluster
PDB file
Predicted CA -- -- -- Download
Model 1 0.818 11976 0.967 Download
Model 2 0.528 9 0.599 Download
Model 3 0.471 9 0.593 Download
Model 4 0.590 9 0.615 Download
Model 5 0.496 7 0.320 Download
(a) The top 5 full-length models are selected based on cluster size of simulation trajectories.
(b) CC is the correlation coefficient between input density map and that generated from the model.
(c) Cluster size is obtained by using SPICKER to identify the near-native models from a pool of simulated protein structure decoys.
(d) TM-score is estimated based on CC, cluster size, cluster RMSD and mutual TM-score between different models.

  Top 5 Models Predicted by CR-I-TASSER

  • Model 1
  • CC=0.818
  • Cluster size=11976
  • Estimated TM-score=0.967
  • Model 2
  • CC=0.528
  • Cluster size=9
  • Estimated TM-score=0.599
  • Model 3
  • CC=0.471
  • Cluster size=9
  • Estimated TM-score=0.593
  • Model 4
  • CC=0.590
  • Cluster size=9
  • Estimated TM-score=0.615
  • Model 5
  • CC=0.496
  • Cluster size=7
  • Estimated TM-score=0.320

  •  Top 10 threading templates from LOMETS
     These are templates ranked by LOMETS without using density map information

     Top 10 threading templates after templates reselection
     LOMETS templates are reselected and reranked with density map in Template reselection process

     Top 10 templates after templates regenerating
     Templates after reselection and regeneration are used as initial structures in the CR-I-TASSER simulations

       Residue's CC of The Predicted Models

    (By clicking the legend name at the top of the figure, you can hide the corresonding line)
    (By moving your mouse on the figure, you can find the value of CC for each residue)


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