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Situs data download

This page includes the initial full-length model created by Situs by superposing each D-I-TASSER predicted domain model to the density map. The disconnected linker between two domains is connected by a self-avoiding random walk and Metropolis Monte Carlo based method and refined by PULCHRA. The Situs model was employed as the starting model of MDFF and Rosetta.


  1. Situs full-length model----the final model created by Situs, which is considered as the starting model of MDFF and Rosetta.
  2. Domain definition---------the predicted domain definition, where domains are separated by semicolons, while segments of a discontinuous domain are separated by commas. For example, the domain definition of 2c7cC (1-190,375-524;191-374;) means that the first domain is a discontinuous domain, where residue 1 to residue 190 belong to the first segment, and residue 375 to residue 524 belong to the second segment. "191-374" indicates that the second domain is a continuous domain, which covers residues from 191 to 374.