SAXSTER (SAXS-assisted protein fold recognition) results

> 6LYZ reciprocal ,129 residues

  Predicted Secondary Structure

Your submitted sequence and predicted secondary structure (by PSI-PRED):




  CA trace models from Top 10 templates selected by SAXSTER

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  SAXS profiles for Top 10 templates selected by SAXSTER

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  Top 10 templates selected by SAXSTER

RankTemplateAlign_lengthCoverageSeq_idZ-score threadingSAXS-scoreSAXSTER scoreConfidenceTarget-template alignments3-D models from threading alignmentsalpha-Carbon trace from I-TASSERFull-atomic models by MODELLER
11e8lA129 1.000 1.00029.129 0.592 20.434Highalignment_1threading_1 CAtrace_1model_1
21di3A129 1.000 0.60528.907 0.478 20.292Highalignment_2threading_2 CAtrace_2model_2
32z2fA128 0.992 0.54728.344 0.483 19.895Highalignment_3threading_3 CAtrace_3model_3
42gv0A129 1.000 0.69028.28 0.446 19.854Highalignment_4threading_4 CAtrace_4model_4
52goiA127 0.984 0.50428.123 0.620 19.723Highalignment_5threading_5 CAtrace_5model_5
62eqlA128 0.992 0.49227.992 0.539 19.64Highalignment_6threading_6 CAtrace_6model_6
71jugA125 0.969 0.53627.902 0.474 19.585Highalignment_7threading_7 CAtrace_7model_7
81iizA119 0.922 0.41225.15 0.637 17.628Highalignment_8threading_8 CAtrace_8model_8
91fkqA122 0.946 0.41824.497 0.578 17.175Highalignment_9threading_9 CAtrace_9model_9
101hfxA123 0.953 0.32524.287 0.510 17.036Highalignment_10threading_10 CAtrace_10model_10

Column 1 :The rank of the template. The template with the highest SAXSTER score is ranked 1.
Column 2 :Name of the template PDB from which the particular model was generated.
Column 3 :The length of the threading alignment between the query sequence and the template.
Column 4 :The coverage of the alignment is calculated by dividing the length of the alignment (previous column) by the total length of the query sequence.
Column 5 :The sequence identity in the aligned region between the query and the template sequences
Column 6 :Z-score, or statistical significance of the threading alignment generated by MUSTER.
Column 7 :SAXS-score indicates the correlation between the experimental curve and the theoretical SAXS profile of the template.
Column 8 :SAXSTER score is the combined score between Z-score of the threading alignment and the SAXS-score. Templates are ranked according to the SAXSTER score.
Column 9 :The confidence of the SAXSTER prediction is based on the Z-score of the alignment and the SAXS profile fitting from SAXSTER benchmarking results. The confidence is considered High if the SAXSTER score is greater than 4.8 or Low otherwise.
Column 10 :The threading alignment between the query sequence and the template.
Column 11 :The models generated from MUSTER threading and re-ranked by SAXSTER.
Column 12 :The alpha-Carbon trace generated by I-TASSER from the threading alignment. This model is used to derive the SAXS profile from a coarse-grained simulation.
Column 13 :Full-atomic models obtained by MODELLER from the alpha-Carbon trace generated by I-TASSER.

Please cite following article when you use the SAXSTER server:
Reference: M. dos Reis, R. Aparicio and Y. Zhang. Improving protein template recognition by using small angle X-ray scattering profiles. Biophysical Journal v101, 2770-2781 (2011).
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