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How to use Molde I: Single-point mutations

  • First step: Please copy and paste your data (Note: STRUM with sequence in FASTA format will run I-TASSER to get 3D structure, which will take more time than that with 3D Structure).
      1) Either sequence in FASTA format is acceptable.
      2) Or experimental resolved structure in PDB format is acceptable.
  • Second step: Please input a list of mutations (one per mutation set per line with single-point mutations set out off by semicolons, WT residue followed by the position of the mutation followed by the mutated residue). Example,
      K1A; -Single mutation Lys, the 1th residue, is mutated to Ala
  • Last step: You will get the results as shown below.

  • Single-point mutation

  • By right-clicking on the images, you can change the configurations, e.g. modifying the background color or stopping the spin of your models.
    Download the submitted query structure.

  • Download the predicted ddGs of single-point mutations you submited.

  • Position Wild-type mutant type ddG
    1 K A 0.12
    9 L G -3.85
    9 L I -1.1
    16 D K -0.67
    119 H L 0.41

    Please cite the following articles when you use the STRUM server:
    1. Lijun Quan, Qiang Lv, and Yang Zhang, STRUM: Structure-based stability change prediction upon single-point mutation, Bioinformatics, Submitted (2015)