Click on the designed sequences and their I-TASSER models. The I-TASSER models are denoted by their RMSD to the target structure.
You can choose the cluster tags, selected by our clustering program from a set of 15000 decoy sequences; or you can choose
the free-energy minima local to the 10 runs of Monte Carlo minimization from which the decoy set was collected.

target structure

cluster tags / I-TASSER models
tag0    1.41 Å
tag1    1.02 Å
tag2    6.35 Å
tag3    0.95 Å
tag4    1.63 Å
tag5    5.56 Å
tag6    5.46 Å
tag7    5.80 Å
tag8    5.09 Å
tag9    5.35 Å

MC run-local free-energy minima / I-TASSER models
min0    3.43 Å
min1    1.64 Å
min2    1.99 Å
min3    1.29 Å
min4    1.90 Å
min5    1.18 Å
min6    1.61 Å
min7    5.39 Å
min8    4.87 Å
min9    1.27 Å