Information about Protein Binding Site

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Information about Protein Binding Site

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I am Taimoor Hassan, currently pursuing my master's degree at China Medical University, Taiwan. My research project involves In silico study. I want to find the Active Binding site/ peptide sequence of a newly identified VH9.7 (Heavy chain, part of Antibody). Initially, i took help from your lab's website and i received the binding site results with some random Ligand. I have few questions related to that, why did you choose those ligands to show binding with VH-9.7? Reference: COACH results for job CH2099411927

Now, i want to check the binding site of VH with Glioblastoma stem cell Antigen (GPD-1). Will you please tell me which of your Lab's software i should use to find the binding sites and peptides that involves in binding between VH-9.7 and GPD-1?
Your kind reply will highly be appreciated.

Many thanks!
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Re: Information about Protein Binding Site

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Dear user, your question has been addressed by email.
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