Result from I-TASSER server

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Result from I-TASSER server

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I have written a letter to for seeking technological assistance on Mar 31, but I have not received a response yet.

*The following is a partial content of my letter:
I have a question about the I-TASSER server, which did not sent any result back after successfully submitted jobs via web server. Due to the publication of our manuscript, we need to added 9 predicted three-dimensional structure in the revised manuscript. We have been successfully received 5 of the result of these peptide using I-TASSER.

However, 4 of the peptides need to predict their three-dimensional structure using I-TASSER. Additionally, these peptides only have 11 resides in their peptide sequence. We have successfully submitted 2 of them in March 27. The ID of I-TASSER is S729416 and S729513, respectively, as well as we have need to submit others (2 peptide sequence) to the I-TASSER server for predicting their structures.

Could you help us to check our submission or accelerate the following prediction of the peptides ?
*ID: S729416 (in processing), Name: THL-2-6, Sequence: KRLLRCLKRLL
*ID: S729513 (in processing), Name: THL-2-7, Sequence: KRIIRGIKRII
*ID: not submit, Name: THL-2-8, Sequence: KRVVRGVKRVV
*ID: not submit, Name: THL-2-9, Sequence: KRLLRGLKRLL

I'm hoping you can check the status of the run and help me resolve any issues present so I may get the results soon.

Thank you very much, I am looking forward to your reply.
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Re: Result from I-TASSER server

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Both of your two submitted jobs has been completed on March 27. They are available at
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