Issue with Distance Restraints

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Issue with Distance Restraints

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While using I-TASSER suite I am providing a list of 80 distance restraints in the format provided by I-TASSER but in the output file it shows-
No of Distance Restraints : 0
No of Contact Restraints : 0
Long Distance Type 1 : 0
Short Distance Type 1 : 0
Contacts TYpe 1 : 0

Although in the restraint.txt I can see all the 80 restraints. Are input distance restraints getting considered here in the structure generation? Why the output shows no restraints? Can someone please explain me what is going on here?

Thanks in Advance
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Re: Issue with Distance Restraints

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Dear user, could you provide the version of I-TASSER program you use, the command you set and the additional distance file you use?

IT Team
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