iTASSER unexpected result

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iTASSER unexpected result

Post by karen »

Hi there, I recently ran 2 jobs with only one amino difference, to compare a wild type NLRP3 against mutant. The mutant (job S607117) worked out it was NLRP3 but the wild type (job S604574) has PDB comparisons to Mediator and other transcriptional activators but no NLRP3. I wanted to run the wild type again to see if it would give a different outcome but couldn’t use the same amino sequence twice. Can you give me any advice? Thanks!
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Re: iTASSER unexpected result

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When the same amino acid sequence is submitted twice, it will refer you back to the previous submission as the results should be identical. The reason the models are so different is the mutant closely resembles the template 6npyA, while the wild-type closely resembles 6w2sS. However, if you look at models 4 and 5 of the wild-type sequence, they are actually quite similar to the mutant models, with TM-scores of 0.82 and 0.77, respectively, to model 1 for the mutant. So for your analysis, you should be able to consider these models.
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