COFACTOR stand-alone installation

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COFACTOR stand-alone installation

Post by Pooryamb »

Dear All,

I have some PDB files, and I want to use COFACTOR for predicting GO terms and binding sites. When I submit the PDB files online, it doesn't seem to work. I want to install it locally. Is there any tutorial for installing only COFACTOR and its prerequisite programs?
I could only find the I-TASSER suite that includes structure prediction, but I don't need the structure prediction part.
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Re: COFACTOR stand-alone installation

Post by ITASSERteam »

I did not find problem for running COFACTOR server. Please specify why you think "it doesn't seem to work".

We do not currently have a standalone version for COFACTOR. However, you can install the I-TASSER package, where COFACTOR is one component of the package.
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