ModRefiner for protein dimer

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ModRefiner for protein dimer

Post by FabJu »

Hi guys,
I got aware of that the web-based ModRefiner is not capable of treating protein dimers. On the webpage it says that dimer refinement is possible with the Linux version.

Unfortunately, I do not know how handle Linux and how to manage the ModRefiner software on Linux. Can you give me any advice how refine my protein dimer?

Best regards,
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Re: ModRefiner for protein dimer

Post by xiaogenz »

I think you can split the monomer, and refine each monomer independently. Then merge them into one PDB file.
Or you can meger the monomer in the PDB file by rmoving "TER", and refine it use ModRefiner. Then you can modify the PDB file by adding "TER" at the end of each monomer.
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